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    With Details of 2022 Runion May 8-12 Elizabethtown, KY

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Records (Company S-3 Journal) of A Company July 1943-August 1944
Including excerpt from Advance on Rome" from Fifth Army history
Records (Company S-3 Journal) of A Company August 1944-May 1945

Records of 2nd Chemical Battalion activities May-September 1943 including roster and S-3 Journal for Sicilian campaign (Operation HUSKY)

Video of Unit History

Official Lineage and Honors of 2nd Chemical Battalion (HHD)
U.S. Army Center for Military History

2nd Chemical and Pope Benedict XVI

First Shot in Anger
World War II Magazine Article by Walter J. Eldredge

Command Reports of the 2nd Cml Mortar Bn in Korean War

Gunners help turn the tide at Kap'yong
by New Zealand historian Ian McGibbon

Unit History in Korean War
y Richard L. Slick, 1st Sgt, Co B, 2nd Cml Mortar Bn

Red Dragons of Desert Storm
COL MMike Brown (Ret.)

Invading Iraq
by Adam Eisenhauer

A Soldier's Diary
by Carl Hulsman

Interview with Sgt John Edvalson

Interview with Cpl Elliott Stalnaker

Some Memories of War
by Paul J. Eldredge

A Commander's Reflections
by LTC Benjamin Moore CO, 2nd Cml Mortar Bn, Korea

Red Dragons of Desert Storm
After Action Report by CL Mike Brown (Ret.)

Sometimes it was rather cool
By Carl H. Hulsman

2nd Chemical Operations Posters

Red Dragons Association Facebook Group (History)

2D CBRN Battalion Facebook Page (Current Events)

The 181st Chemical Company Facebook Group

The U.S. Army Chemical Mortar Battalions

Chemical Corps Regimental Association

U.S. Army Chemical Corps Museum

21st Chemical Company Facebook Group

The U.S. Army Chemical Mortar Battalions
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